L’Albufera , a word that in its Arabic origin means “the little sea”, is a land of rice fields and sunsets and inspires the best known dish of Spanish cuisine, La Paella.

It also gives its name to this restaurant whose objective, since its inauguration in 1983 , is to bring to Madrid a space where you can enjoy the flavors of the rich Levantine gastronomy, with the healthy Mediterranean style of sharing food.

In our menu you will find an extensive variety of rice, as well as other specialties made with a great choice of national meats or excellent fish, where the combination of quality of the ingredients and the care, down to the smallest detail, in the preparation of the dishes prevails.

We hope you enjoy our Market cuisine, full of history, passion and above all flavor.

Gluten Free PlateGluten Free Plate
Vegetarian DishVegetarian Dish


Gluten Free PlateArtichokes with foie gras and raspberry sauce (a.) 6,5 €
Mediterranean seafood soup 16 €
Gluten Free PlateGrilled octopus served over parmentier and Spanish paprika 24 €
Rock mussel with seafood sauce Serving 20
1/2 Serving 12 €
Iberian acorn fed ham 5 Jotas Serving 29
1/2 Serving 18 €
Manchego cheese D.O Serving 20
1/2 Serving 12 €
Santoña anchovy loin caliber 00 in EVOO (5 u.) 0 €
Sautéed beans with ham and tomato Serving 21
1/2 Serving 12,5 €
Grilled baby squids served with romescu sauce €19.5
Gluten Free PlateRed sweet peppers stuffed with monkfish and shrimps Serving 16
1/2 Serving 9,5 €
Artisan croquettes
Seafood / Boletus / Iberian Ham
Serving 14
1/2 Serving 8 €
*Aperitif L’Albufera and basket of assorted breads, Extra Virgin Olive Oil (p.p.) 3,5 €

From the orchard

Vegetarian Free Gluten PlateSeasonal grilled vegetables 15 €
Vegetarian Free Gluten PlateSalad of L’Albufera – lettuce, watercress, carrot, tomato, avocado, asparagus, endive 14 €
Gluten Free PlateIberian tomato with tuna belly, olive and fresh spring onion 17 €
Caesar salad with chicken and parmesan flakes 17 €
Vegetarian Free Gluten PlateSeasonal vegetable cream 15 €

Gluten Free Plate Paella

Paella Valenciana – chicken, green beans and carafe 26 €
Vegetarian DishVegan paella – Heura, green beans and carafe 25 €
Hunting paella – chicken, rabbit, artichokes and broad beans 28 €
Paella L’Albufera – lobster, cuttlefish, shrimp and prawn 39 €
Vegetarian DishVegetable paella – artichoke, garlic, cauliflower and green beans 25 €
Black rice with squid ink 26 €
Paella del Señorito – peeled chicken and shrimp 28 €
Mixed paella – chicken, cuttlefish shrimp and prawn 28 €
Arroz a banda – shrimp, garnish of monkfish and prawn 29 €
Seafood, prawn, Norway lobster and shrimp paella 29 €

Gluten Free Plate Honeyed rice

Honeyed lobster rice with shrimp 37 €
Marinara mellow rice served with monk fish, king prawns and shrimps 28 €
Meloso from mushrooms 28 €


Seafood and fish vermicelli served with Norway lobster, king prawns, shrimps and monkfish 28 €
Fideuá Marinera, monkfish, cuttlefish, shrimp and prawn, with fine noodles 27 €
Vegetarian DishVegan fideuá – Heura, green beans and garrafó 25 €

All rice and fideuás must be ordered for at least two people and have 30 min of preparation.


Gluten Free PlateAged beefsteak (minimum 30 days) served with fried potato and Guernica green peppers 28 €
Gluten Free PlateSirloin tender beefsteak with boulangère potatoes, bell pepper and red onions 28 €
Suckling lamb chops with baked potato 25 €
Iberian cheek in red wine 26 €


Snapper to Bilbao 24 €
Gluten Free PlateGrilled fresh hake with potato, garlic and parsley sauce 24 €
Gluten Free PlateSea bass with ratatouille Manchego 27 €
Gluten Free PlateBaked turbot with calvados sauce and pumpkin at low temperature 28 €


Glass of ice cream L’Albufera
(lemon, orange, mint, chocolate, strawberry, nougat, vanilla)
6 €
Gluten Free PlateSeasonal fresh fruit 7 €
Cocoa pod 8 €
Dark chocolate scarf 8 €
Lemon Tart 8 €

The classics of L’Albufera

Gluten Free PlateLemon and Cava wine sorbet 7,5 €
Gluten Free PlateSoufflé al Grand Marnière (20min) 10 €
Our famous thin apple pie with vanilla ice cream (12min) 8 €
Gluten Free PlatePannacotta served with passion fruit sauce 7,5 €