Along with an extensive variety of Paellas, we offer seasonal specialties, a selection of fresh and local vegetables, national meats and excellent fish. Pair your meal with a wide selection of local wine from Spain´s major regions. In addition, El tradicional soufflé stands out among the varied dessert menu.

On weekends, kids can enjoy games and fun while sharing the table.


Green asparagus with Romescu sauce and Iberian ham powder17 €
Artichoke with foie and raspberry sauce6 €/ ud.
Mediterranean seafood soup16 €
Grilled octopus served over parmentier and Spanish paprika22 €
Clams on parsley sauce21 €


From the orchard


Seasonal grilled vegetables14 €
Ratatouille with toasted pine nuts16 €
Sprouts salad with avocado, parmiggiano and raspberries16 €
L’Albufera salad; lettuce, watercress, carrot, tomato, avocado, asparagus and endive13 €
Raf tomato served with fresh spring onion, olives and tuna belly17 €
Seasonal vegetable cream13 €



To Share


Iberian acorn fed ham 5 JotasPortion 30€ | ½ Portion 16€
National paired cheeses boardPortion 14€ | ½ Portion 8€
Santoña anchovies
in Virgin Olive Oil served on toast
4.5 €/pi
Warm salad with roasted pepper and smoked codPortion 16 € | ½ Portion 10 €
Grilled baby squids served with romescu saucePortion17 € | ½ Portion 13 €
Red sweet peppers stuffed with monkfish and shrimpsPortion 13 € | ½ Portion 8 €
Sauteed baby broad beans with Iberian ham dices and sweet onionPortion 18 € | ½ Portion 11 €
Scrambled eggs with green asparagus, spring onions and codPortion 14 € | ½ Portion 8 €
Artisan croquettes seafoodPortion12 € | ½ Portion 8 €
Blue cheesePortion12 € | ½ Portion 8 €
Iberian hamPortion12 € | ½ Portion 8 €




Valenciana paella served with chicken, green and white beans25 €
Vegan Valenciana paella served with Heura soy, green and white beans25 €
Baby squid paella, garlic sprouts, spring onion and baby green beans24 €
L’Albufera paella served with lobster, cuttlefish, king prawns and shrimps36 €
Vegetable paella served with artichoke, garlic sprouts, cauliflower and green beans23 €
Black rice served with baby squid and its ink25 €
La Barraca paella with rabbit and artichokes26 €
Mixed paella served with chicken and seafood26 €
Señorito paella served with shelled king prawn, boneless chicken and cuttlefish26 €
A banda rice with king prawns served with monkfish and shrimps in a side dish28 €
Seafood paella served with mellow rice, Norway lobster and king prawn28 €


Lobster mellow rice served with king prawns31 €
Marinara mellow rice served with monk fish, king prawns and shrimps26 €
Leeks and fresh clams mellow rice29 €




Seafood and fish vermicelli served with Norway lobster, king prawns, shrimps and monkfish27 €
Fresh Atlantic clams vermicelli28 €
Vegan vermicelli with Heura soy, paprika, zucchini, artichokes, garlic sprouts, cauliflower and green beans25 €


L’Albufera assorted ice cream
(Lemon, orange, mint, choco, strawberry, nougat, vanilla)
6 €
Seasonal fresh fruit7 €
Pannacotta served with passion fruit sauce7.5 €
Chocolate Coulant served with mint ice cream (15min)8.5 €
Mille-feuille filo pastry served with crème madame8 €


Lemon and Cava wine sorbet7.5 €
Traditional L’Albufera Grand Marnière soufflé (20min)10 €
Puff pastry handcrafted Apple tart served with vanilla ice cream (12min)8 €
Cannoli stuffed with custard cream8.5 €
Creamy heart green apple mousse8 €